Julie Bloomfield, MA, LPC
Cross-Cultural Conversations Facilitator

Julie believes it is every person’s right to live in our society without bias, discrimination, harassment and assault.  Yet, far too many people do not feel safe, even in their own homes due to the systemic and institutional racism and discrimination they experience. As a licensed professional counselor, with over 30 years also as an educator, Julie feels called to promote dialogue, understanding and fellowship to help break down these barriers and improve each person’s quality of life.

Julie feels blessed to be a part of such an excellent facilitative team that approaches cross cultural conversations with humility and compassion.

Julie has been a Health Educator/Coach with the Prevention & Community Health department at Henry Ford Allegiance Health since June 2014.  Julie received her Master of Arts in Counseling degree from Northern Arizona University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Albion College.  She taught a Stress Management course at Jackson College for twelve years and has a passion for wellness.